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As part of my academic research and teaching at the University of Otago I established the Visual Research Lab focused on creative marketing for positive change. For further details visit my University of Otago staff profile. © Photo by Ghazally Ismail
From polar bears to mountain gorillas, penguins to sea otters, certain animals capture our imagination. These are the animals that become mascots for conservation campaigns. The Science of Hope informs as it educates, describing the psychology and science behind our desire to connect with these animals while promoting a message of hope by highlighting positive conservation efforts around the world. Launched in September 2021 with Exisle Publishing
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Invited Speaker at Meaning Making Interactive Digital Storytelling Course and Podcast, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany, November 12th 2020. Presentation focused on science storytelling and the benefits of merging marketing and science communication. Key message: Brands (including science) have to become the mentor in storytelling instead of the hero - giving agency and power to audiences instead. To download comic produced as part of the event click here. The podcast is available here.

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I'm a singer/songwriter performing under the artist name Vebka. A selection of music is available at www.vebka.com

My Good Whale Watching PhD project and 'how to watch whales' Forest and Bird blog

Finding Edi TV3 The Project. A social media success story.
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